Fluffy's Food Adventures

Comedian Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglasias and his entourage of comedians travel around the country, asking fans where to eat, and, in order to "Break Even", where to work out.

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7.1

Season 1 - Fluffy's Food Adventures
"While on his comedy tour, Fluffy goes to Heart Attack Cafe to pig out. Followed by Pole Dance Exercises to burn off the calories."
"While on his comedy tour, Fluffy goes to The Barn Door in Texas for some excellent steaks and a block of cheese. This is followed by Survivor Training as a workout to burn the calories."
"While on his comedy tour in Memphis, Fluffy and his friends enjoy catfish at the Flying Fish, fried chicken at Gus's World Famous Fries Chicken, and a whole pig at Central BBQ. Afterwards they break even playing basketball behind a church."
"Fluffy and the crew go out of character by attempting to eat light before the Magic Mike XXL premiere. However, when that plan gets stripped away, Fluffy must enlist the help of his personal trainer Hilda to whip them into \"red carpet\" shape."
"Fluffy and friends take an impromptu road trip and feast on a multitude of tacos in San Diego. Later, they try to shed pounds with a workout overseen by wrestler Diamond Dallas Page."
"Fluffy and the guys land in Orange County and sample deep-fried bounty at the OC Fair. Later, MMA maven Chuck Liddell challenges Fluffy with an Ultimate Fighting Championship workout."
Season 2 - Fluffy's Food Adventures
"Hawaii and its cuisine delight Fluffy and the crew in the Season 2 opener, which finds the gang sampling a top chef's modern brunch, then participating in a muddy obstacle event."
"Fluffy and the crew land in Bakersfield, Cal., where they take in traditional Basque food and wine, then train with a wrestling team."
"Fluffy and the gang head to San Francisco, where they learn to make a great pizza. Then, to shed pounds, they participate in a tough cross-fit workout."
"Fluffy and his posse feast on a modern Mexican meal and mingle with celebs while in Hollywood. Later, they attempt to shed the extra pounds with a high-tech workout at a celebrity gym."
"Fluffy and his pals sample top nachos and barbecue in San Antonio. Later, they take in a weight-lifting workout courtesy of fitness guru Simeon Panda."
"Fluffy and the gang explore the food, coffee and mojitos of Miami's Little Havana. Afterwards, they get into the ring with boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. for a grueling workout."
"The destination is Charlotte, where Fluffy and Co. are introduced to a bizarre culinary amalgam of burgers and sushi. To work off calories, they then try to endure a football workout and scrimmage on the gridiron."
"Fluffy and the guys rev up for some NASCAR tailgating when they visit the Daytona 500. Later, they must endure a grueling pit-crew workout with the Joe Gibbs Racing team."