A newspaper journalist revealing fraud in a large multinational company, finds his family involved, ruining his career, family relations, and entangles him in a following mystery.

Duration: 58 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 6.7

Season 1 - Mammon
"The journalist Peter Ver\u00e5s get tips from an anonymous source about a financial scandal. The devastating evidence comes to his own brother, the director of one of Norway's largest companies. Peter still choose to let the paper go out on it. The revelations have major consequences for the brother and Peter struggle with guilt. Peter gets very surprising information IRS investigator Vibeke, which makes him initiate further investigations."
"The journalist Peter Ver\u00e5s find after five years a first sign that his brother was forced to take his own life. He and sister in law Eva finds it who knew the secret of his brother. The only thing he reveals is the word \"Abraham\" before he shoots himself. Peter chases on and promises to keep his closest outside, but police and colleagues no longer trust Peter's explanations. The closer he gets the truth, the more certain he is to keep what he finds hidden."
"Peter has found the relationship between brother and Aage Haugen's suicide. Both are in possession of the paintings with references to child sacrifice in the Bible, both were afraid that something happens to their children and both killed himself on the same date - 22.10. Peter'm sure someone has pushed them to commit suicide and that the paintings are a prayer for help. While trying both the Evening Post and Peter to find out how the financier Tom Lied so quickly has become one of Norway's richest men."
"Peter understands that his brother has been involved in even greater horrors than suicide, and someone trying to warn Peter about what has been happening. He believes there are several in the same situation who want to get the truth out, but that they fear being exposed as whistleblowers. Peter and the Evening Post suspects that the conspiracy extends into the corridors of power. To answer Peter must find the mysterious whistleblower and get to the bottom of what happened 25 years ago."
"Peter's nephew has disappeared and Peter dare not go to the police for fear that someone will hurt Andrew. Along with his sister in law and Vibeke they search for the boy. Probably an atrocity related to the brother coming to light as they will find a coded message - a cry for help. The track leads to a secret network - and Peter will notice that the threat against his brother is trying to hit himself. The snowball rolls and it is impossible to stop."
"When one person close to Peter is badly injured and another is killed, he becomes the main suspect in both crimes and Norway's most hunted individual, and is only able to trust his former boss."
Season 2 - Mammon