Real Husbands of Hollywood

Kevin Hart and other celebrities play a comic fictionalized version of themselves in this parody of similarly named reality shows. Episodes often feature Kevin Hart's attempts to gain celebrity and his jealousy of his friends.

Genre: Comedy

Country: USA

Duration: 21 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 7.6

Season 1 - Real Husbands of Hollywood
"Kevin Hart headlines an all-star cast of Hollywood husbands in this semi-scripted reality show spoof. In the opener, Kevin kicks fellow hubby Nick Cannon out of a weekly poker get-together with the remaining husbands. Invited by Nelly, Robin Thicke begins a long-standing feud with Kevin, who has developed a strong crush on Robin's wife, Paula Patton."
"In the aftermath of the poker game incident, Nelly tries to play mediator between Kevin and Robin after their one-sided feud. Meanwhile, J.B. and Boris grow suspicious after discovering that Duane's new clothing factory has questionable labor practices."
"In attempt to make more money, Kevin tries to get in on Nelly's investment in an exercise video, but Nelly wants only the other guys to join."
"After flirting with boxer \"Sugar\" Shane Mosley's girlfriend, Kevin fakes an ailment to avoid getting clobbered by the champ during a charity fight."
"Kevin Hart squares off in the anticipated chairty fight with professional boxer \"Sugar\" Shane Mosley."
"Kevin tries to start a music career and upsets one of the husbands, and Duane's latest scheme causes Boris to run into an ex -- and into trouble."
"J.B. gets a spot on a hidden-camera prank show, and Kevin receives some unexpected news from a heartless friend with benefits."
"Kevin writes a tell-all book about the other husbands and his own ex-wife, but he doesn't exactly tell the complete truth."
"A mysterious blackmailer threatens to reveal incriminating \"boys' night out\" photos unless the guys perform a series of outrageous stunts."
"In the first season finale, it's a double date night for Boris and Duane with their wives, and Kevin's special \"double\" date night with a pair of twins gets interrupted by Nick."
"No description"
Season 2 - Real Husbands of Hollywood
"In the second season premiere, Kevin shows off his upgraded celebrity digs while Wanda Sykes hijacks his new home for a star-studded fundraiser."
"Kevin decides to hold a series of fraudulent auditions for a non-existent movie in hopes of meeting an actress worthy of his rising stardom. Meanwhile, Trina convinces Boris to star in a musical stage play with Kelly Rowland as his co-star."
"Duane and his wife, Tisha, are thrilled to attend a table read for a proposed television series named after them for Nick's network. The last laugh is on Duane as he performs poorly with test audience, prompting Nick to offer Kevin the role as his replacement. Meanwhile, Nelly reluctantly agrees to work with Eric Ben\u00e9t to help Bobby Brown stage a comeback record."
"Chris Rock is in town and Kevin invites him to Oliver's comedy routine. But Kevin learns that he has a propensity for shoplifting."
"Looking for love, Kevin joins a celebrity online dating service and manages to win a date with actress Nadine Velazquez. Her aggressive tactics become too much for Kevin to handle. Meanwhile, J.B. and Faizon Love have a physical grudge match."
"Kevin appears on Wayne Brady's late night talk show in efforts to win Selita Ebanks' heart. Elsewhere, Bobby Brown tries another shot at stardom, despite Nelly rebuking him."
"Now appearing exclusively as a couple and crowned \"Kevlita\" by the media, Kevin and Selita start a new relationship\/ The buzz generates a lot of hype especially once it is revealed that Selita is pregnant. Meanwhile, Boris must prepare for the stage play despite the fact that he cannot sing. Duane learns of Selita's peculiar pregnancy."
"Tisha and Nicole reluctantly join forces with Bridgette, Eva Marcille and Nadine Velazquez to plan a baby shower for the expecting Selita."
"A red carpet kicks off the events of Kevin and Selita's baby shower during a television special with questionable, bad behavior from all involved."
"Duane arranges a public appearance sponsored by Gymboree for Kevin and Selita's baby bump promotional tour. He soon learns that Selita's \"baby bump\" was fake and used as a scheme to get back at him. He, Duane and Selita conspire to keep the news under wraps of the public finding out. Meanwhile, Trina tries to get Kevin to host the Oscars."
"After the debacle surrounding the Kevlita baby bump, Selita agrees to go candid with Katie Couric in order to win back her image. Things don't go so smoothly for Kevin as he tries to redeem himself with little success."
"No description"
Season 3 - Real Husbands of Hollywood
"Kevin's roasted by the guys; Nick enters politics; Trina and Bridgette's new boyfriends are Kevin's old frenemies."
"No description"
"Kevin finds new friends; Duane sees monetary gain in Boris' spiritual quest."
"Kevin disrupts Nick's press conference; Trina and Wayne are tested by scheduling conflicts."
"The shooting of 47 1\/2 Hrs"
"Regina Hall recovers at Kevin's; Nick hires a PI for campaign opposition research."
"Kevin's son plays baseball; Duane revamps Boris' message."
"Tisha is arrested on a warrant, and the girl protests against it."
"Duane moves in with Kevin; Nelly writes a song for Bridgette."
"Jackie forgets to pick-up Kevin at the airport, which enables him to be picked up by supermodel, Jessica White, who takes Kevin on a wild and hilarious night\u2026 Along the way he als..."
"Nick needs a new kidney"
"Boris has a charity event; Kevin schemes to get out of donating his kidney. Guest stars Bobby Brown and Jennifer Freeman."
Season 4 - Real Husbands of Hollywood
"Kevin invites Salli Richardson to the poker game and her husband ends up challenging him to a joke-off."
"The guys embark on an annual pilgrimage to the NBA All-Star Weekend."
"Kevin meets with Paramount President, Doug Howard to help put his dream into development for his next vehicle."
"Kevin is offered the lead in a biopic role that takes his career to a new level."
"The Real Housewives and girlfriends must audition for a chick chat show."
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"Kevin's six-week poker winning streak may be disrupted by Arsenio Hall and Craig Robinson, who had a role in sabotaging Kevin's pilot."
Season 5 - Real Husbands of Hollywood
"In the fifth-season premiere, Robin Thicke is back and wants Kevin to be his sponsor; Nia Long respires her role as a sex addict and continues to pursue Kevin; J.B's aunt moves into Kevin's neighborhood."
"Kevin goes back to high school to get his degree. Trina and Wayne compete in the game of Let's Make a Deal and Wayne pops the big question."
"LeToya Luckett tries to make Kevin the face for her skin-cafe\/make-up line. The guys compete to be the next James Bond. Boris goes bald."
"Kevin dates a young actress Keke Palmer."
"Kevin and Nick compete against each other in a rap war; Jackie and Bridgette appear on a game show called \"Spouse Smarts\"."
"Kevin moves back in the hood to find his funny mojo; Nelly and the rest of the guys becomes interrogated by some \"men in black\". Tyga guest stars."
"Kevin trains to audition for Broadway; and Nelly owes his mentor Luggy."
"Kevin searches for his limited-edition sneakers to give his son for his birthday. While doing so he encounters a ghost from his past."
"The guys begin to be the subject of the controversy when they are nominated for the Oscars for a slave movie."
"The guys become torn about whether to support the boycott of the awards show."