Second Jen

Second Jen is a coming of age comedy about two second-generation millennials (Chinese-Canadian and Filipino-Canadian) and inseparable best friends who move out to a shabby city triplex to ...

Genre: Comedy

Director: Amanda Joy , Samantha Wan

Country: Canada

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 2.3

Season 1 - Second Jen
"Jen and Mo decide to prove their independence by getting their first apartment together, only to have all their possessions go missing on the first day."
"In a case of mistaken sexual identity, Jen and Mo drag Nate and Lewis to Bunny's house to prove their hetero-normative status."
"Mo is taken to task by her new, rule abiding co-worker while Jen realizes her university degree has left her unequipped for the real world."
"Needing to make some extra cash, Mo decides to rent her friendship only to be surprised by her new client. Meanwhile, Jen struggles through a blind date with Mo\u2019s manager, Garth."
"Partaking in a duel exam together at the clinic, Jen and Mo discover that even the closest of friends have their own private secrets."
"Feeling shamed for being bad Asians, Jen and Mo decide to throw a party to prove their cultural pride and invite all their Asian friends."
Season 2 - Second Jen
"Jen and Mo are forced to confront their feelings when they attend Karen and Harrison's wedding shower."
"Jen and Mo's change jar is stolen and they must deal with the local authorities and Marcus trying to install an alarm system."
"Things get complicated as Jen tries for once to be bad, and Mo tries to be good; Mo volunteers at a church fundraiser while Jen walks on the wild side."
"Jen starts a new job where she's forced to wear a skimpy uniform and deal with touchy customers; Mo attends a sexual harassment seminar."
"Jen and Mo navigate the online dating world to find dates to go to an escape room."