The Dukes of Hazzard

The adventures of the fast-drivin', rubber-burnin' Duke boys of Hazzard County.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1979

IMDb: 7.1

Season 1 - The Dukes of Hazzard
26 Jan 1979
"In the series' pilot episode, cousins Bo and Luke Duke intercept Hazzard County Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane's illegal shipment of slot machines, then plan to use the proceeds to donate to the..."
02 Feb 1979
"Daisy learns that Jessi Colter has recorded a song she wrote. One problem: Where's the royalties she's due? That's what Bo and Luke try to find out as they infiltrate Hazzard County Commissioner \"Boss\" J.D. Hogg's record piracy operation."
09 Feb 1979
"Bo and Luke help family friend Mary Kay Porter elude a crime boss, who's after the $100,000 trust fund for Mary Kay's unborn child."
16 Feb 1979
"Bo and Luke are hired by a corrupt used car dealer to repossess a Rolls Royce so that he can sell the car to Boss (who plans to give the car to his wife, Lulu, as a present). The job is ..."
23 Feb 1979
"Boss gets Uncle Jesse to enter a contest for a new type of fossil fuel, saying that moonshine is the perfect way to cut down on pollution. However, Boss has more up his sleeve: He plans to ..."
09 Mar 1979
"Family friend Swamp Molly asks Bo and Luke to deliver a load of moonshine, but the shipment is really illegal firearms."
16 Mar 1979
"Luke enters the General Lee in the Hazzard County Obstacle Race, competing against his gorgeous girlfriend Amy Creevy. But Amy's life is in danger, thanks to her jealous ex-boyfriend."
30 Mar 1979
"Embittered farmer Neil Bishop gets revenge on Boss (for apparently defrauding him earlier) by stealing his illegal liquor money. When Bishop's car is towed away, he jumps into the General ..."
06 Apr 1979
"When mechanic Cooter Davenport takes the official presidential limousine out for a joy ride, he doesn't count on the car developing mechanical failure, especially at the Duke farm. Knowing ..."
13 Apr 1979
"With their probations on the line, Boss has Bo and Luke deputized to help transport Rocky Marlowe (Public Enemy No. 1) to Hazzard County to stand trial."
20 Apr 1979
"Boss concocts a \"double your money\" scheme by reporting $1 million in retired currency stolen, framing Bo and Luke for the robbery, burying the money in a pine box, then - after receiving ..."
04 May 1979
"Bo and Luke are hired to haul what they think is a shipment of shock absorbers. Actually, they've been duped into driving a rolling casino."
11 May 1979
"Bo and Luke are jailed along with another motorist named Tom Colt following a confrontation after a near accident. While in jail, Colt suddenly becomes ill, forcing the local physician to ..."
Season 2 - The Dukes of Hazzard
21 Sep 1979
"Old moonshine runners Uncle Jesse and Boss decide to settle who is better, once and for all, in a race in nearby Hatchapee County. However, both of them have to beware of Hatchapee County ..."
14 Dec 1979
"Bo and Luke are blamed (falsely, of course) for the theft of $25,000 in gold bars from the Hazzard Bank vault. The Duke boys soon find themselves chasing after the con artist who sold Boss the gold bars ... er, lead bars painted like gold."
05 Oct 1979
"The Dukes help family friend Burl Tolliver deal with horse rustlers, who aim to use his racing steeds on the national circuit."
12 Oct 1979
"Hazzard Jail is the meeting place for Black Jack Bender and a group of syndicate kingpins, who are conspiring to smuggle illegal weapons in the area. Bo and Luke - with a little help from ..."
19 Oct 1979
"Boss purchases $10,000 in stolen television sets to sell on the black market, but the truck is hijacked while en route to Hazzard. Bo, Luke and Cletus - wanted in connection with the ..."
26 Oct 1979
"Bo and Luke are skinny-dipping in a local pond when two pool hustlers steal both the cousins' clothing 'and' the General Lee. Rosco soon pursues who he thinks are the Duke boys, but the ..."
02 Nov 1979
"While trying to outfox Rosco, Bo and Luke happen upon a race track, where Cale Yarborough is secretly testing a new turbo supercharger for an upcoming race. The Duke boys offer to help Cale..."
09 Nov 1979
"Bo and Luke get jobs hauling wrecked cars to demolition derby operator Augie Detweiller, unaware he and Boss have schemed to hide stolen engines under the hood. When they are suspected of ..."
16 Nov 1979
"The FBI approaches Uncle Jesse to allow Boss to stay at the Duke farm, since he is a key witness in an upcoming trial for one of the South's most notorious racketeers. The reason is because..."
23 Nov 1979
"Bo and Luke learn that their artist friend, Grannie Annie, is the mastermind behind a small-time counterfeiting ring. After her arrest, Boss seizes the engraving plates to sell to ..."
30 Nov 1979
"Determined to win re-election as Hazzard County Administrator at any cost, Boss uses every dirty trick he knows in his campaign against the beautiful Thelma Claire 'T.C.' Rogers, the daughter of Boss' old political foe."
14 Dec 1979
"Boss unveils his new ally: His college-educated nephew, Hughie Hogg. Hughie turns out to be even more corrupt than his uncle, proving it with a scheme to frame Uncle Jesse in a car-stripping ring."
21 Dec 1979
"A man claiming to be the Dukes' cousin from England, Gaylord Duke, asks Uncle Jesse for a $30,000 advance to pay off the taxes for a piece of land he claims to have inherited. But there's ..."
11 Jan 1980
"Millionaire C.J. Holmes is determined not to allow his daughter, Suzy, to marry Hazzard County farmer Fred Andrews. When Suzy appeals to the Dukes for help, C.J.'s henchmen kidnap Uncle ..."
18 Jan 1980
"The Dukes' efforts to reform old-time moonshiner Hard Luck Jones runs into plenty of roadblocks when he hijacks a tank to use as a rolling brewery. Bo and Luke have to convince Jones to ..."
25 Jan 1980
"The Dukes assist young history professor Laura Bardsley search for a Civil War-era strongbox containing a valuable regimental payroll signed by President Lincoln. Boss becomes aware of the ..."
01 Feb 1980
"Daisy loses her job at the Boar's Nest for asking for a raise. Enos suggests she apply to become a deputy with the Hazzard County Sheriff's Department. Boss and acting Sheriff Grady Byrd ..."
08 Feb 1980
"While stopped at the Boar's Nest, Loretta Lynn is kidnapped by a trio who want her to offer tips about breaking into the music business."
15 Feb 1980
"Bo and Luke assist Texas ranger Jude Emery in tracking down hardened criminal \"Snake\" Harmon. But they must rely on a little help from their friends (as well as Boss and Sheriff Byrd) when ..."
22 Feb 1980
"Uncle Jesse reconvenes the Ridge Raiders when he learns that Boss has misappropriated funds for a senior citizens' center to build a strip club. But when other members of the Ridge Raiders ..."
29 Feb 1980
"Bo and Luke are arrested when they mistakenly pick up a crate containing a marijuana shipment. Private detective Mason Dixon and his two beautiful female associates are convinced the Duke ..."
14 Mar 1980
"The Dukes help Henry Flatt, a supposedly dead World War II veteran, conceal his secret when they learn Boss plans to plow up the Veterans Cemetery to build a new highway. The problem is, ..."
21 Mar 1980
"When the Comfurt family suddenly strike it rich, their car - containing their windfall in a safe, locked inside the trunk - is stolen. The Dukes track down the car as it changes into the hands of a ruthless bank robber."
Season 3 - The Dukes of Hazzard
20 Apr 1980
"Shapely carnival stunt show operator Diane Benson offers Bo the opportunity of a lifetime: Being the star of the headline act. The act involves a stunt driver jumping over a row of 32 cars...."
05 Nov 1980
"In Atlanta, Daisy takes a photograph of Uncle Jesse in front of a bank, and inadvertently snaps a pair of criminals making their getaway after a robbery. Enos - fired after he tells Boss he..."
07 Nov 1980
"Bo and Luke come to the aid of beautiful Mary Lou Pringle, who is trying to sell her family's estate but cannot due to rumors that the mansion is haunted. A pair of criminals - who have ..."
14 Nov 1980
"The fate of the Duke farm rests on Luke's ability to defeat Catfish Lee in a boxing match. But the odds are stacked against Luke, since he must also contend with Catfish's crooked partner."
21 Nov 1980
"Boss' dream finally comes true when he forecloses on the Duke farm. Just as he is celebrating his success, he gets a call from his doctor telling him he has only two weeks to live."
28 Nov 1980
"Boss and his crooked nephew, Hughie Hogg, conspire to charge the Duke boys with bank robbery by capturing the \"crime\" on security video. The Dukes ensure that Boss and Hughie's trip to the FBI in Atlanta is detoured ... through a junkyard."
05 Dec 1980
"Boss' honest twin brother, Abraham Lincoln Hogg, comes to Hazzard after their great aunt passes away. In her will, the Hogg brothers are entitled to a piece of land, but if one is dead, the..."
12 Dec 1980
"Bachelor Rosco meets the beautiful Sue Ann Bliss through a computer dating service, and soon their romance blossoms into marriage. The Dukes are the only Hazzard residents not invited to ..."
19 Dec 1980
"Boss hires a trio of criminals to hijack a load of Christmas trees bound for Hazzard, knowing that Bo and Luke were responsible for the deliveries and receipt of a $500 down payment. With ..."
09 Jan 1981
"Cooter's new employee is an underling for a crooked county administrator wanting to take over Hazzard County."
16 Jan 1981
"Uncle Jesse's old flame visits Hazzard, wanting to settle an old debt with Boss Hogg."
23 Jan 1981
"When Cooter is injured before Hazzard County's annual road race, Luke offers to take the driver's seat of Cooter's car, knowing he will have to race Bo in the General Lee. However, the ..."
30 Jan 1981
"The Dukes find themselves tangling with a new, meaner adversary in Chickasaw County Sheriff \"Big\" Ed Little. This, after Bo develops amnesia after an accident and Boss convinces the young ..."
06 Feb 1981
"A pair of jewel thieves arrive in Hazzard and, after being spotted by Rosco, make their getaway in the General Lee, automatically implicating the innocent Dukes. Things become complicated ..."
13 Feb 1981
"The Dukes' cousin, Jeb Stewart Duke, assists the clan in helping retrieve a priceless sword once owned by Gen. Stonewall Jackson. Boss had arranged the theft of the sword so he could once again pin the blame on the Dukes."
20 Feb 1981
"Daisy moonlights as a reporter for the Hazzard Gazette, and is assigned to cover an investigation into a theft ring of tractors from farms across the county, unaware that Bo and Luke -- no ..."
06 Mar 1981
"Good news for Boss: His dastardly nephew Hughie returns with a sure-fire scheme to frame Bo and Luke for illegal transportation of moonshine. Bad news for Boss: Hughie also concocts a ..."
13 Mar 1981
"Digger Jackson, a former associate of Boss, escapes from prison and is out to enact deadly revenge. After committing a robbery and stealing the General Lee (thereby implicating the Duke ..."
27 Mar 1981
"Bo and Luke find a sack floating in a river containing $1 million, just a fraction of the money stolen in a robbery five years earlier. Just then, three men -- one an old Marine friend of ..."
03 Apr 1981
"To help out family friend Emma Tisdale when she goes on vacation, Bo and Luke take over daily operations of her taxicab service. The Duke boys' first clients are a pair of men who, on their..."
10 Apr 1981
"There's more to widow Partridge's old $25 vase than meets the eye. Bo and Luke purchase what seems to be a worthless, damaged vase, only to learn (upon having it appraised) that it is worth..."
"No description"
Season 4 - The Dukes of Hazzard
08 Oct 1981
"Daisy is smitten by Boss Hogg's handsome, rich nephew, Jamie Lee Hogg, who has come to town to purchase his uncle's grits mill. While romance quickly blossoms and a wedding appears to be on..."
16 Oct 1981
"Double Dukes means double fun for Boss Hogg, and double trouble for Bo and Luke after two men resembling the good-natured Duke boys -- cronies that Boss had dress in wigs and the Dukes' ..."
23 Oct 1981
"Everyone's after a sack of diamonds that had accidentally been dropped from an armed robber's vehicle driving through Hazzard, and all roads lead to the Duke farm after Bo and Luke get to ..."
30 Oct 1981
"As usual, Bo and Luke outfox Rosco and cause him to crash his car. Rosco, as always, escapes without a scratch ... but this time, the frustrated sheriff decides to turn things up a notch by..."
03 Nov 1981
"The Duke boys' beautiful girlfriend, Mindy Lou, learns that Boss Hogg is planning a heist of motorcycles, so as to gain an unfair upper hand in the upcoming Tri-County Motocross. Bo and ..."
06 Nov 1981
"Boss Hogg, unwilling to pay longtime Hazzard County clerk Clarence Stovall a $30,000 pension, fires him one day short of retirement. Stovall gets his revenge by stealing the money from ..."
13 Nov 1981
"Daisy's one-day stint as Hazzard County treasurer on Sadie Hogg Day may earn her a trip to jail, after Boss Hogg -- hoping to avoid being arrested for embezzling county funds -- alters the ..."
"No description"
20 Nov 1981
"Uncle Jesse seriously injures himself as the shaken Duke patriarch learns that bounty hunter Jason Steele is a wanted criminal. Steele eventually manages to frame Bo and Luke on grand-theft..."
27 Nov 1981
"A beautiful fur thief named Bonnie Lane, along with her two accomplices, try to exact revenge on Boss (for his shortchanging them), and Cooter winds up in the middle of things when Bonnie ..."
04 Dec 1981
"When the Duke boys lose a cross country race to a better car, a discouraged Luke makes an offhanded remark about the General Lee possibly wearing out its usefulness. Boss Hogg picks up on ..."
11 Dec 1981
"Cletus becomes lovestruck when Daisy uses her charms to get her cousins out of a phony traffic charge. As Cletus does everything to smother Daisy with affection, he also loses his job for ..."
18 Dec 1981
"Hughie Hogg's latest scheme targets Cooter, whose garage is threatened with eminent domain so the crooked Hogg can build shoddy condominiums at an inflated price."
01 Jan 1982
"When Boss Hogg is arrested for robbing his own bank, Uncle Jesse bails out his own enemy by using his farm's mortgage. But did Boss Hogg really rob the bank ... or after years of failing to..."
08 Jan 1982
"The Hazzard hills are alive -- with the sound of Mickey Gilley's music. So is Boss Hogg's pirate recording studio, after Boss and his latest associates plan to record Gilley's Hazzard ..."
15 Jan 1982
"A determined Boss Hogg, desperately wanting Uncle Jesse's moonshine recipe, makes a demand: give over the recipe, or have Bo and Luke charged with felony theft in the disappearance of funds from the Hazzard County Orphanage."
"No description"
29 Jan 1982
"Hazzard County Postmistress Emma Tisdale hides out at the Duke farm after learning she is being investigated for mail fraud. The pending charges stemmed from Boss Hogg's decision to shift ..."
05 Feb 1982
"When Boss Hogg learns that a state investigator is on his way to Hazzard to check out a claim of an illegal casino, he shifts the blame to the Duke family. But just as the Dukes are being ..."
12 Feb 1982
"Rosco has kept a diary detailing Boss Hogg's illegal schemes carried out over the years. Two of Boss' former (and now disgruntled) associates become aware of this and swipe the diary, ..."
19 Feb 1981
"When an efficient -- and awesomely beautiful -- patrol officer effortlessly arrests Bo and Luke on traffic charges, an impressed Boss Hogg and Rosco immediately hire her as a new deputy. ..."
26 Feb 1982
"Daisy's longtime friend Molly Hargrove offers her a spot on the NASCAR women's racing circuit. But Molly knows a lot more about the job than she's willing to tell Daisy."
05 Mar 1982
"The Dukes are forced to bond with their sworn enemies -- Boss Hogg and Rosco -- after they are held at gunpoint by a gang of robbers at the Boar's Nest. The lead robber, posing as a law ..."
12 Mar 1982
"Corruption runs amok in the Miss Tri-Counties pageant when Boss Hogg accepts a $10,000 payoff to rig the contest in favor of Hatchapee County entrant Melanie Dubois. Bo and Luke foil Boss ..."
19 Mar 1982
"In a nod to the ongoing Equal Rights Amendment debate, Lulu and Daisy co-form the Hazzard County Equal Rights Society to decry overbearing treatment from men. Lulu gets her way when she ..."
26 Mar 1982
"When Rosco and Cletus go on strike after Boss refuses to give them a pay raise, Uncle Jesse is named the sheriff. Bo and Luke are subsequently deputized to help capture a pair of thieves ..."
02 Apr 1982
"Friends and enemies are once again forced to band after a pair of escaped convicts take refuge at the Duke farm and, at gunpoint, force the Duke family to cooperate with their escape plans...."
Season 5 - The Dukes of Hazzard
24 Sep 1982
"In this season of change, Bo and Luke leave Hazzard to pursue careers on the NASCAR circuit. Thinking no one named Duke is available to stop him, Boss unveils his secret weapon: the Mean ..."
01 Oct 1982
"Boss sells a worthless piece of property to the Dukes' friends, newlyweds Jeb and Carrie Morton. Coy and Vance learn Boss' true motives and - aware the Mortons had been pressured into ..."
08 Oct 1982
"Rosco learns he's been nominated for \"Lawman of the Year\" and - recalling his origins as an honorable sheriff - refuses to play along with Boss' scheme to rob a jewelry store and pin the blame on Coy and Vance."
15 Oct 1982
"Truck drivers Coy and Vance are hijacked while delivering a shipment of antiques to Hazzard. A pretty tomboy named Bobby Lee is a stowaway on the truck and witnesses the crime. She escapes ..."
22 Oct 1982
"When Boss betrays the trust of county administrators from neighboring counties, he takes refuge at the Duke farm. Vance agrees to secretly tape record the other bosses meeting to take to ..."
29 Oct 1982
"Boss hurriedly puts aside his criminal activities when he learns his father, the supposedly honest Big Daddy Hogg, is en route to Hazzard for a visit. But Big Daddy knows more than he's telling when he claims he was robbed."
05 Nov 1982
"Crooked state Senator Maynard becomes aware someone had witnessed him stealing public funds. That witness - Vance's old girlfriend, Jenny - flees to Hazzard, knowing that Maynard's mobster ..."
12 Nov 1982
"Boss and Rosco set up an illegal horse betting parlor in neighboring Rapahoe County and makes a fortune swindling money from its patrons. They route the phone calls through the Duke farm, ..."
19 Nov 1982
"Enos' footlocker from the Los Angeles Police Department arrives in Hazzard; unknown to the deputy, it comes complete with some valuable emeralds. Robbers Burke and Carter, who had stolen ..."
26 Nov 1982
"Boss' latest scheme involves selling phony insurance policies, whereby the survivors of the deceased ostensibly would be paid $100,000. Con artists Ward and Lavina buy one of the policies, ..."
03 Dec 1982
"When Boss is unable to convince the Dukes to sell the General Lee, and an attempt to steal the car fails, he approaches Uncle Jesse to play a game of pool. Jesse agrees to wager the General..."
10 Dec 1982
"Boss has Coy, Vance and Daisy detained in Chicasaw County on a trumped-up charge of robbery, so that Boss and his henchmen can proceed uninterrupted in their search for a half-million in ..."
17 Dec 1982
"Hughie Hogg returns, with his eye on the office of Hazzard County Sheriff. He blackmails his Uncle Boss into supporting his campaign by threatening to take secretly taken photographs of his..."
07 Jan 1983
"Hatfield and his new partner-in-crime, Baxter, return for a rematch of their Mean Green Machine vs. the General Lee. This time, Hatfield plans to rob the Hazzard Emporium out of millions in..."
21 Jan 1983
"Boss' old moon-shining rival, Floyd Calloway, is out of prison - and he's not happy. He plans to exact murderous revenge on Boss, because it was his testimony that sent him to away. Boss ..."
04 Feb 1983
"Coy's new relationship with a motorcycle stuntwoman creates dissension in the Duke household when Vance suspects that her sideshow has been involved in a string of armed robberies. Coy ..."
11 Feb 1983
"The Dukes help a pretty girl named Natasha, a member of a Russian gymnastics team that is in Hazzard on a goodwill tour."
18 Feb 1983
"Uncle Jesse is a customer at the Capitol City Jewelery Store when it is robbed by two hooligans named Parker and Hanson. Jesse tries to subdue one of the robbers, but is given a concussion ..."
25 Feb 1983
"Bo and Luke return to Hazzard after being on the NASCAR circuit, because Coy and Vance are planning to leave to help a relative. And they later discover Cooter acting weird and he doesn't ..."
04 Mar 1983
"Bo and Luke join the Big Brothers-Big Sisters of America, and take budding juvenile delinquent Andy Slocum under their wing. After Andy's attempt to steal the General Lee fails, Bo and Luke..."
11 Mar 1983
"Boss conspires with developer L.S. Pritchard to acquire the Duke farm and several adjoining properties. However, even Boss doesn't know Pritchard and her cronies plan to engage in strip ..."
25 Mar 1983
"Daisy quickly tires of her cousins' well-intentioned over-protectiveness and, in order to declare her independence and get some much-needed personal space, moves into an apartment with her ..."
"No description"
Season 6 - The Dukes of Hazzard
23 Sep 1983
"Fed up with being taken for granted by her brow-beating husband, Lulu makes good on a threat to leave Boss. While staying at the Duke farm to sort out her emotions, a gang of criminals ..."
30 Sep 1983
"The daughter of a cotton tycoon flees to Hazzard County and anonymously leaves her infant son in the General Lee. The Dukes eventually find out that the mother, Mary Lou Craig, has lost ..."
07 Oct 1983
"While Rosco is chasing the Dukes, a pair of bank robbers runs the sheriff's car off the road. After the car sinks into the lake, the robbers kidnap Rosco. While the town grieves over ..."
14 Oct 1983
"Luke reunites with his estranged brother, a boxer named Jed. Jed's got a secret to hide: He's trying to flee a professional gambler who had lost thousands of dollars in Jed's fight that was..."
21 Oct 1983
"Bo and Luke serve as coaches for Hazzard's pee-wee basketball team, the Boar's Nest Bears. A variety of situations involving team star Rod Moffet arise. First, Rod doesn't want to play ..."
28 Oct 1983
"The Beaudry clan frames Boss for sabotaging Uncle Jesse's car, which is involved in a rollover accident during a race between the two rivals. The Beaudrys use the distractions so they can steal Boss' old moonshine still."
11 Nov 1983
"Rosco is despondent when Flash is dog-napped, having been mistaken for a valuable show dog named Maxine. Flash's captors, who are hoping to claim a large reward for returning the missing ..."
18 Nov 1983
"At an airport, jewel thieves steal a valuable diamond necklace, but the case soon becomes mixed in with some other luggage. Daisy and Lulu, who are returning from a trip, accidentally pick ..."
25 Nov 1983
"Bo and Luke try to figure out how the same woman could be in two places at once during a daring jewelry store robbery. Could it be that the woman and her twin sister are experienced thieves..."
02 Dec 1983
"Syndicate mobster Scanlon escapes from the California State Penitentiary and flees to Hazzard, where he plans to engage in a deadly showdown with Enos. The Dukes are quickly able to capture..."
09 Dec 1983
"Daisy takes to the skies to help the Dukes' friend, a crop duster who is injured. Boss learns about this and plants lye in the chemicals, knowing that the farmers would hold the Dukes responsible when their crops become ruined."
30 Dec 1983
"The Duke boys try to convince Cooter's estranged daughter that he has changed his ways; while at the same time trying to foil Collins' and Morgan's attempt to dump toxic waste in Hazzard."
06 Jan 1984
"To collect a $20,000 reward from wealthy industrialist Carter Stewart, Boss has crooked hypnotist Professor Crandall convince Daisy that she is Stewart's long-lost daughter, Vivian (who ..."
20 Jan 1984
"Boss has Artie Bender, the Rembrant of Hazzard County, declared legally dead so he can sell Bender's paintings at inflated prices. It works out well for Boss, since Bender is the only one ..."
27 Jan 1984
"Luke's old girlfriend, budding country singer Candy Dix, is targeted by her abusive manager, Eddie Lee, who wants to kill her so he can collect a $100,000 insurance payment. When Luke ..."
03 Feb 1984
"Bo and Luke are asked by a government agent to go undercover and infiltrate a gambling ring on the NASCAR circuit. They agree but must keep mum about their true plans, angering Uncle Jesse and Daisy."
10 Feb 1984
"Bo and Luke begin infiltrating J.J. Carver's organization, compiling evidence to bring Carver and his henchmen to justice. But Boss and Rosco - aware that the Duke boys have left for the ..."
17 Feb 1984
"Another of Boss' corrupt nephews, Dewey Hogg, claims he's dying of a dread disease and announces plans to raise $100,000 for a new children's hospital. Knowing he'll ultimately be exposed, ..."
24 Feb 1984
"Daisy accidentally gets her notebook, containing notes for the church play she is directing, switched with a notebook containing the criminal activities of mobster \"Nervous\" Norman Willis, ..."
02 Mar 1984
"Boss loses patience with Enos' continual reluctance to pursue the Dukes and, after demoting him to a civilian job, hires ill-tempered Billy Joe Coogan to replace him. After easily capturing..."
09 Mar 1984
"Jonas Jones, Cooter's friend and an ex-convict, is falsely blamed for hijacking Boss's expected shipment of automobile parts (which, of course, he plans to sell at inflated prices). Knowing..."
23 Mar 1984
"Boss hires a pair of fortune-telling con artists to steal the daily receipts at the Boar's Nest, then pin the blame on waitress Daisy. The fortune tellers are also involved in Boss' ..."
Season 7 - The Dukes of Hazzard
21 Sep 1984
"The Dukes and Cooter recall the origins of the General Lee on the car's eighth birthday."
28 Sep 1984
"Waylon Jennings finally shows more than just his hands on TV in this cameo appearance. During a visit to Hazzard County, Ol' Waylon helps Bo and Luke foil Boss's plan to frame the Dukes for hijacking Waylon's traveling museum."
05 Oct 1984
"Luke drinks water laced with a personality-altering drug and becomes an abusive thug. While Luke conspires with a pair of criminals to rob Hazzard Bank, Bo, Daisy and Uncle Jesse race ..."
12 Oct 1984
"A computer salesman sells Boss a robot, which easily catches the Dukes. In the aftermath, Rosco loses his job for repeated mistakes. Later, the Dukes learn that the salesman is an ..."
19 Oct 1984
"Daisy wins a cache of prizes after becoming the 1 millionth customer at the Capitol City Department Store. But the contest is a phony and the prizes were stolen, all as a part of Boss' ..."
02 Nov 1984
"During a movie shoot in Hazzard County, movie star Brock Curtis is involved in an accident, and Bo and Luke save his life. The grateful Brock hires the Dukes as stunt doubles for his latest..."
09 Nov 1984
"Bo and Luke are arrested in Osage County on false traffic charges and placed on the county's road gang. Outraged Hazzard residents pressure Boss and Rosco to negotiate with old enemy ..."
16 Nov 1984
"Boss learns that Uncle Jesse's grandfather, Jeremiah Duke, had signed over the farm to his great grandfather, Thaddeus Hogg, and demands the deed to the farm. While the Dukes pack their ..."
23 Nov 1984
"While visiting the Dukes, Cale Yarborough comforts an orphan at the Tri-County Hospital ... and later finds himself (along with Bo and Luke) in a heist of Hazzard Bank."
30 Nov 1984
"They use a remote control car filled with explosives to rob a train."
14 Dec 1984
"A pair of escaped convicts, including an ex-Marine that resented serving under Luke's command, force the Dukes to assist them in escaping the authorities. Their efforts involve holding Bo ..."
21 Dec 1984
"Boss enlists the Dukes' help in catching a gang of criminals who hijack armored trucks via an elaborate method - hijacking from the air and then pulling the vehicle into the sky!"
04 Jan 1985
"Boss refuses to donate part of his inheritance from his late Uncle Silas to charity, as per the terms of his will. When the Dukes find out, they enlist the help of a ventriloquist to ..."
11 Jan 1985
"Hughie Hogg and his beautiful girlfriend, Trixie, team up in his latest scheme to swindle Boss out of his holdings. The scheme involves an antique oil lamp and Trixie dressing as a genie, ..."
25 Jan 1985
"Bo and Luke make friends with a space alien (nicknamed, \"The Visitor\") that stows away in the General Lee. It isn't long before Boss and Rosco find out about The Visitor and want to abduct ..."
01 Feb 1985
"Enos is forced by two hardened criminals to take part in the armed robbery of Hazzard Bank. Daisy witnesses the robbery and knows that Enos was an involuntary participant. Knowing that she ..."
08 Feb 1985
"During a talent show at the Boar's Nest, Rosco makes his \"little fat buddy\" disappear. Boss uses the opportunity to get to a scheduled appointment, but disappears for real when recent ..."