This Is Not Happening

Ari Shaffir and two (sometimes three) other comedians tell their hilarious real life stories based on specific subjects. Roy Wood Jr. replaces Ari as host in season 4.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Ari Shaffir , Samantha Saifer

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7.9

Season 3 - This Is Not Happening
"Ari Shaffir reveals the grossest thing he's ever done to a friend, and Sal Vulcano explains why he once held a pair of pants for ransom."
"Doug Stanhope was part of a love triangle that turned fatal, Lavell Crawford had a scary near-drowning moment, and Greg Behrendt experienced a cancer scare while on drugs."
"Maria Bamford describes her nervous breakdown, Andrew W.K. remembers a nightmarish public performance, and Al Jackson explains a horrible show he was tricked into doing."
"Ari Shaffir gets into the Christmas spirit, Brian Regan becomes the campaign manager for a dog, and Rory Scovel pinpoints the moment he grew up."
"Louie Anderson gives lip to FBI agents who come to his house, Liza Treyger's drinking spirals out of control, and Bonnie McFarlane gets accused of burning her house down."
"Big Jay Oakerson loses his virginity, Julian McCullough makes a giant mistake for love, and Bobby Lee ruins an orgy."
"Sean Flannery narrowly survives a bad fall, Russell Peters performs for a Saudi prince, and Bert Kreischer gets involved in a sex show."
"Ari Shaffir's scavenger hunt goes wrong, Steve Rannazzisi hangs out with Santa Claus, and Nick Thune experiences a fart that may have kept him out of jail."
"Tom Papa goes on an adventure with his fun uncle, Steve Simeone engages in an epic video game war, and Gastor Almonte becomes Batman."
Season 4 - This Is Not Happening
"Howie Mandel confronts his germaphobia, Scott Thompson learns the meaning of \"rock bottom,\" and Roy Wood Jr. meets the sex-crazed godfather of Miami bass."
"Kevin Smith unexpectedly rekindles his marriage, and Louie Katz falls in love with a gutter punk."
"Tom Green recounts his experience with the president on \"The Celebrity Apprentice,\" Michael McDonald tries to teach comedy to Faye Dunaway, and Brad Williams has to judge his identity for a celebrity golf tournament. Viewer discretion advised."
"It\u2019s all acid trips, drug deals and robberies when Dan Soder and Shane Mauss share stories about the worst nightmares they\u2019ve been forced to experience. Viewer discretion advised."
"Roy Wood Jr. debunks a myth about Rod Stewart, Kathleen Madigan sniffs out a scam in Paris, and Bret Ernst's mom meddles in his sex life several different ways."
"Roy Wood Jr. welcomes Louie Anderson, Byron Bowers and DeRay Davis to the stage to tell true stories about growing up with less-than-perfect fathers. Viewer discretion advised."
"Theo Von, Tom Rhodes, Dave Landau and Chris Porter share their craziest tales of drinking and debauchery in a special hour-long episode. Viewer discretion advised."
"Chris Redd, Martha Kelly and Lil Rel Howery open up about times when life became more than just a figurative battle. Viewer discretion advised."
Season 7 - This Is Not Happening
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